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The Office Kitchen – An Extension To Productivity

As offices evolve to meet the needs of its core pillars – the staff, an often overlooked element, the office kitchen is taking its place in the corporate space as a dedicated area for staff to energize and keep productivity up.

The very fact that the space is a casual meeting point can also help with creativity, where staff can collaborate, team-build as well as have breaks and take lunch.

Bloomberg office kitchen – Melbourne


A well balanced space is needful in the success of an office kitchen. The good news is, incorporating a functional and easy-on-the-eyes kitchen isn’t difficult and here are a few tips on what to consider.


Enough space

A cramped kitchen is an unhappy one. Provide enough space for your employees to eat and relax without feeling rushed by others using or waiting to use the space. Mixing up different tables and seating arrangements furthermore avoids the school lunchroom look.

LinkedIn office kitchen – San Francisco


What about the noise?

Well, kitchens naturally are gathering spots, whether you’re chatting over lunch or some snacks. Your design and fit out can be tailored to keep noise from travelling afar by using noise absorbing partitions to create a physical boundary.

Your furniture choices can help too. Selecting seats or dining booths with high backs and made with noise-absorbing fabric can be a huge help. Positioning your kitchen away from contemplative areas is another design consideration that can help keep distractions to a minimum.


Set the rules

To ensure your kitchen design and fit out works for everyone; employees have to understand what’s expected of them. A respectful approach for example is to include the rules (or should we say guidance) for using the kitchen in your new employee starter packs. This way they’re presented with all the information at the outset and feel at home and relaxed in their new breakout space.

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